What We Do - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

A FREE lesson plan for economics, government and history teachers.


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Classroom teachers can request this complimentary lesson - the What We Do Lesson Plan Kit - plus receive some shredded money to emphasize the point. Please verify your school district, number of students you teach and shipping address using the "order now button" below. This program is specifically designed for classrooms of 15 or more students in high school economics, government or history class (grades 9 and above). Home school educators who want to apply to get a kit must first email images-3
“What We Do” was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to give economics teachers a hands-on activity to engage their students. Included is a DVD which provides an inside look at the role of the Fed. Plus, an accompanying curriculum guide emphasizes key points teachers can highlight as students participate in scenarios to illustrate how prices, inflation, and ultimately monetary policy can affect their behavior and our economy’s well-being.

While the Federal Reserve can be a complex entity, its mission is simple: to help keep the U.S. economy running smoothly.

“The state of the economy, employment, and Federal Reserve policy are hot topics right now, and make for great classroom discussions,” said Cindy Ivanac-Lillig, economic specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. “But it can be difficult to explain to students in understandable language. We developed this packet to give high school instructors some tools to complete a lesson that can help explain how the Federal Reserve serves our economy.”